The Beginning of Daily Blogging

The Beginning of Daily Blogging

Thoughts About Connect

The other day, I went down a rabbit hole on PKM and came across Jay Cross's old blog "Internet Time". It was just writing. No SEO, no authority flexing. Just plain thoughts put down for people to read. And it inspired me.

I've been wanting to publish more, and this is my new format: once a day for 30 days. Maybe just a paragraph, maybe more. But something. So I'm going to see how that goes.

This morning, I caught up with my buddy Sam, who I, ironically, met because I bought his Notion site theme and he had a "connect" button on it. Now we catch up about once a month on Zoom, and it's always inspiring.

He's always on top of everything regarding new online tech, and I leave those calls feeling like I gained a month of learning in an hour or so.

He was telling me about people using bookmarklets with AI to do some really cool things.

Yesterday, Olivia and I drove up to Ericeira in the afternoon to explore. On the way, I was about to miss an exit and sort of forced myself to merge into it. After we exited, the guy behind us was having a bad day and pulled up beside us to "engage". I just smiled at him. It reminded me of the Tony Robbins concept of not letting your happiness be cheap, and this time that guy couldn't afford it. I won.

A podcast clip that stuck out to me from Tim Ferris talking to Kevin Kelly was about knot tying:

Transcript: Speaker 2 Learn to tie a bowline knot, practice in the dark with one hand for the rest of your life. You'll use this more times than you could ever believe. [Loc]

So I spent 5 minutes learning a bowline. Now I just need to practice every day for a week straight.

This piece captures my thoughts and perspectives at the time of writing. As I continue to learn and grow, my views are subject to change, without notice.