ZPD + AI = Learning

ZPD + AI = Learning

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Here we have the learning concept of the Zone of Proximal Development:


You’ve got 3 zones:

Green - Child’s current understanding. ZAD (Zone of Achieved Development). Learner can do unaided.

Yellow - ZPD (Zone of Proximal development). Learner can do with assistance and guidance.

Red - Currently beyond reach. Can’t do, even with assistance.

Traditionally, assistance was a teacher or parent.

Now imagine the image above represents one student. Then, overlay 15-100 such students on top of that, each with slightly different circles, as no two students would have exactly the same zones. The teacher is trying to make everyones current understanding grow at the same pace. And if you fall behind and your red zone intersects with the green zone assumed by the teacher, you’re out of luck. The pace of learning is built for average, so the quickest learners get slowed down and the slower learners are struggling to keep up.

Keep in mind that for each subject, there's an entirely different ZPD diagram.

Now, let's riff on what learning will look like when teaching in the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) comes from 1-on-1 AI tutors.

So, with 1-on-1 AI tutors, students will receive individualized assistance to transition the current ZPD into the Zone of Achieved Development (ZAD).

And it won't just be the same generalized type of assistance to achieve the next level, but individualized teaching methods catered specifically to that particular student. Learns better by visualizing, audio, text? Analogies and learning aids based on previous methods that helped gain understanding.

In this exchange, the student isn’t the only one learning. The tutor, too, is constantly learning what methods work best to help the student achieve ZAD.

Just imagine the pace of learning that will occur.

And this can be done across every subject area.

There will be no more 'left behind', which I define as the situation where a traditional classroom expects certain knowledge to be in a child's green zone, but it is actually in their red zone.

The future is exciting 🤯.

This piece captures my thoughts and perspectives at the time of writing. As I continue to learn and grow, my views are subject to change, without notice.


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