Golf, the Rollercoaster

Golf, the Rollercoaster

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”You didn’t hit well did you?”. She knows as soon as I walk in the door.

How is it that my entire psyche can hang on my ability to hit a little ball with a club?

My alma mater college football team loses. I’m over it before the game is over.

But if I’m hooking, not making solid contact, or god forbid, shanking… I lose it.

I think what’s so frustrating is that after a lesson with my coach, I’m ready for my tour card.

But a round or two later, I over do something and lose all hope in humanity.

I’m about two years into my golf journey now. It didn’t start when I was young because of shoulder issues, and having those repaired, exited business and now with time on my hands, why not take up the game…

I’ve now broken 100 twice, and each time, I look back at the card and it could have easily been 90 without a few holes.

But every now and then I’m still pushing the 110-115’s when something get ‘off’ and the swing isn’t there.

The strangest thing is that what you want to do intuitively to correct a hook, for instance, is swing inside to out to make it go right. But that just exacerbates the hook. I saw a good analogy that liken it to ping pong. If you want to curve it right to left, what do you do… you start inside and swing out. So to correct hook is swinging more out to in.

But that’s just one piece of the puzzle. As soon as I ‘fix’ one thing, another thing has obviously been overcorrected because something else is off.

So that’s the game I’m playing.

One day, hopefully not in the too distance future, I’ll look at this and have sympathy for the guy who wrote this…

This piece captures my thoughts and perspectives at the time of writing. As I continue to learn and grow, my views are subject to change, without notice.


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