Schrödinger's Business

Schrödinger's Business

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Coming up with business ideas is fun. Imagining all the possibilities of success and what to do with that success. Before anything is actually done, a business idea can live in this state. It lives in all the states in which it can be imagined. Whether is a product you've just 'come up with' or an enterprise saas, anything is still possible.

This is Schrödinger's business.

A closed box where all possibilities for the idea exist at once.

But closed boxes are worthless aren't they. What's valuable is opening the box to discover what's there.

So why don't more boxes get opened... Why do most people accumulate close boxes?

Turns out the process of opening a box (ie, executing) is a lot of work. I suspect most would rather keep the state of "possibilities" rather than find out their business idea is dead.


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